Efoil Carver – Takuma

The Carver eFoil is designed for riders of all skill levels who are looking for a high energy feel and an incredible riding experience.
Its great maneuverability and extraordinary glide make the Carver the ideal eFoil for adventurous riders looking for an intense experience.


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20A, 25A, 35A

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Efoil Carver: Advanced rider eFoil


Carver 2 board: The first Efoil completely dedicated to carving. The new V2 design focuses on minimizing drag and maximizing comfort for a sublime carving experience.
The redesigned board is compact yet proficient in volume, it provides superb performance and excellent responsiveness underfoot. The lighter setup is ultra soft on touch down and with the combination of a seamlessly balanced volume, it is super stable prior to, during and after take off.


Propeller propulsion 65 Full Set: Our propulsion was designed by nautical propeller experts. Its 5 blades and aluminum construction give power and smoothness while minimizing drag. Manufactured with precise CNC machinery, it has high-end finishing touches.
The Propeller propulsion is delivered with the Kujira Helium 1500 wing set and the E-Mast 65.


E-Foil batteries are compact, removable and easy to interchange during sessions. They have a quick charging time with visible charging levels. Battery 20A – Superlite: The 20A battery is our lightest model, reducing the total weight of the efoil and making transportation more comfortable. On water, battery autonomy is between20 and 45 minutes, depending on conditions, riding style and rider level. Battery 25A – Lite: The 25A battery model is a smart power solution for your daily efoil sessions. On water, battery autonomy is between 45 and 60 minutes, depending on conditions, riding style and rider level. Battery 35A – Mega: The 35A battery it our most powerful battery model, with a battery autonomy between 70 and 90 minutes, depending on conditions, riding style and rider level.


• Carver 2 board with travel bag
• Propulsion set bag
• Kujira Helium hydrofoil front and back wings
• Top plate, Mast HD 65cm, fuselage, propulsion and screws
• Electronic Speed Control (ESC)
• Battery and charger
• Remote control and charger