Takuma Foils and eFoils

The new way to experience freedom.

SUP and paddle boards

Go to soothing ride with the freedom to ride anywhere, with lightweight SUP board.

Takuma eFoils

The future of watersports.

Experience the thrill of flying above water with the freedom to ride anywhere, without the need for wind, waves or a boat.

  • Efoil

Main components of Takuma e-Foil

Our eFoil boards are built strong and durable, requiring only minimum maintenance.

The hull beneath the deck holds the fully waterproof ESC and battery, which are easily removable.  The Takuma boards deliver an exceptional experience from your first ride all the way through to high-performance carving.

Our efoil batteries are easily removable, fully waterproof and interchangable. They provide a riding autonomy of up to 90 minutes.

Our signature Kujira foils have become industry leaders thanks to their tubercle design, inspired by the humpback whale.

The unique shape allows for take-off and flight at low speeds and with less power, delivering an exceptional lift and glide.

Propulsion Set
Our sets consist of an electric mast and a propulsion. Currently, we provide jet and propeller propulsion systems.

Booth of our propulsion systems are legal and don’t require a boating license in most countries.

Our eFoils are equipped with a highly efficient and fully waterproof ESC (electronic speed control) with an internal antenna for a consistent connection even when weight down before take-off.

The Takuma ESC is easy to set up, use, and remove. Making it effortless to keep it in perfect condition.

Remote Control
All our remotes come with a double safety feature and are intuitive to use.

More efficient than trigger remotes, the Takuma remote provides you with gradual speed regulation, thanks to its speed dial.

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